Meat & Protein


May 2022

Falsas soluções e reducionismos no debate sobre “proteínas alternativas” e sustentabilidade


May 2022

Big meat is gobbling up fake meat companies


April 2022

OPINION | Fake Meat Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis

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April 2022

PODCAST | The Politics of Protein

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April 2022

Sustainable Food Experts Raise Concerns Over Alt Protein Monopoly


September 2021

OPINION | Giant Meat and Dairy Companies Are Dominating the Plant-Based and Cellular Meat Market

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August 2018

From Lab to Fork

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May 2018

How to make global food systems more sustainable

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October 2017

Hidden cost of feeding grain to farm animals to hit $1.32tn a year

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February 2020

Sustainable food systems & a sustainable protein mix: how do we get there?

IPES-Food Director NIck Jacobs at the Protein2Food conference in Brussels, Belgium