Health & Resilience


September 2020

Global goals: Is there still time to save the world?


June 2020

Coronavirus response: Hacking emergency food supply chains

AL Jazeera

May 2020

Olivier De Schutter : "61% des travailleurs dans le monde n'ont aucune protection sociale"


May 2020

Tribune | Agriculture et système alimentaire en Afrique dans un contexte post-Covid-19


May 2020

Covid-19: Global food supply on a razor's edge

France 24

April 2020

Empty Grocery Shelves and Rotting, Wasted Vegetables: Two Sides of a Supply Chain Problem

InsideClimate News

March 2020

Op-ed by IPES-Food's Olivier De Schutter and Olivia Yambi


January 2019

L'Union européenne reste dans une approche low cost de l'alimentaire

L'Echo | Interview Olivier De Schutter

December 2018

Gutes und hochwertiges Essen für alle

Wiener Zeitung | Olivier De Schutter & Thomas Waitz

May 2018

Rebooting food: Finding new ways to feed the future

Reuters | Thin Lei Win

December 2017

A healthier debate is the key to healthier food systems

Food Tank | Interview with Nick Jacobs

November 2017

L’alimentation «low cost» coûte très cher !

La Libre | Olivier De Schutter

October 2017

Expert panel identifies unacceptable toll of food and farming systems on human health

Ecologist | Georgina Downs

October 2017

Obesity linked to agricultural policy, new studies say

EU Observer | David Burrows

August 2017

Agroecology as a means to transforming food systems for health, nutrition and equity in a climate changing world

Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition

July 2017

Promoting food security and health in a climate changing world

Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition

February 2017

Time to put a Common Food Policy on the menu

Politico | Olivier De Schutter & Carlo Petrini

January 2017

PODCAST | Episode 210 'The Promise of Agroecology'

'What doesn't kill you' | Molly Anderson

October 2018

Oxford Real Farming Conference opening plenary

Oxford Real Farming Conference opening plenary

June 2017

The Health Impacts of food systems

Cecilia Rocha at EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017