February 2022

OPINION | UA – UE : une autre agriculture est possible

Jeune Afrique

February 2022

OPINION | Can Africa and the EU join forces to boost sustainable farming?


September 2021

L'agroécologie s'invite au sommet de l'ONU sur la sécurité alimentaire

Les Echos

April 2021

OPINION | The world needs a food movement based on agroecology and equity


December 2020

OPINION | Governments must lead the charge in agroecology


September 2020

OPINION | For sustainable agriculture in West Africa, let’s leave our echo chambers

African Arguments

September 2020

L'Afrique, pionnier mondial de l'agroécologie


September 2020

West Africa’s path to resilience and SDGs through agroecology


August 2020

US Groups Invest Billions in Industrial Ag in Africa. Experts Say It’s not Ending Hunger or Helping Farmers

Civil Eats

July 2020

REGARDEZ | Agriculture en Afrique : des donateurs intéressés ?

France 24

July 2020

OPINION | Need for a radical shift in Africa’s agricultural funding models


June 2020

Agroecology Strengthens Farmers’ Resilience But Highly Underfunded in Africa


June 2020

LISTEN | Why sustainable farming is losing out in Africa

Deutsche Welle

June 2020

Fondation Gates : les investissements dans la recherche agricole en Afrique critiqués

Le Monde

June 2020

Industrial agriculture receiving bulk of Africa’s agricultural development funding


March 2020

Op-ed by IPES-Food's Olivier De Schutter and Olivia Yambi


February 2020

“We must cultivate our own garden” – Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa gathers in Dakar, ushers in new chapter for agroecology in region


July 2019

Last call for a food systems revolution

UNEP Newsletter

January 2019

"Des Bauern wichtigstes Gut" – "Wenn es so wäre!"

Die Zeit | Debate between Olivier De Schutter and Helmut Schramm

December 2018

Gutes und hochwertiges Essen für alle

Wiener Zeitung | Olivier De Schutter & Thomas Waitz

October 2018

Une Europe agroécologique est-elle possible?

IDDRI | Olivier De Schutter

October 2018

Agroecología tiene proyectos viables en Latinoamérica y España, según estudio

EFE | La Vanguardia

September 2018

The Chemical-Free Food Movement Turning Dusty Land Into Fertile Paradise

HuffPost | John Vidal

May 2018

As CAP Reform Enters Familiar Cycles, a Common Food Policy Offers a Plan B for the EU

ARC2020 | Olivier De Schutter

May 2018

Rebooting food: Finding new ways to feed the future

Reuters | Thin Lei Win

May 2018

Campaigners fear Latin America is rolling back on eco-farming promises


October 2017

Agroécologie, agriculture et aide internationale féministe

Huffington Post | Nadia Ponce Morales & Mélissa Cabana

October 2017

Hidden cost of feeding grain to farm animals to hit $1.32tn a year

The Guardian | Bibi van der Zee

August 2017

Agroecology as a means to transforming food systems for health, nutrition and equity in a climate changing world

Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition

July 2017

PODCAST | Episode 231 "Global Food Policy"

'What doesn't kill you' | Olivier De Schutter

February 2017

Time to put a Common Food Policy on the menu

Politico | Olivier De Schutter & Carlo Petrini

January 2017

PODCAST | Episode 210 'The Promise of Agroecology'

'What doesn't kill you' | Molly Anderson

January 2017

Modern agriculture cultivates climate change – we must nurture biodiversity

The Guardian | Olivier De Schutter & Emile Frison

January 2017

The Increasingly Shaky Foundations of Industrial Agriculture

Food & Farming Discussion Lab

October 2016

To Diversify Agriculture, We Must Diversify the Questions We Ask

Common Dreams | Emile Frison

July 2016

Current agricultural practices stand in the way of sustainability: It’s past time to diversify

Thrive | Emile Frison & Fabrice DeClerk

September 2015

Agroecology is Working – But We Need Examples to Inspire Others

Food Tank | Olivier De Schutter & Steve Gliessman

June 2016

Dr. Emile Frison - Trondheim Conference 2016

June 2016

Diversified agroecological systems: a new agricultural paradigm

presented by Emile Frison

April 2018

Agroecology, various approaches in Europe