Long Food Movement

To address the enormous challenges facing our food systems in the decades ahead, civil society must strengthen existing collaborations, reach out to new allies, and develop long-term transformational strategies. In other words, a ‘Long Food Movement’ is required, with an outlook that extends not only to the conclusion of the SDG cycle in 2030, but onto a presumed third round of development goals (2030-2045). IPES-Food, ETC Group and CREPPA at UQAM map out two very different futures for food systems, people and planet. What do the next 25 years look like under 'agribusiness-as-usual'? Food systems in the hands of data platforms and e-commerce giants? More environmental degradation and biodiversity collapse? Or do civil society and social movements reclaim the initiative? We imagine what a 'Long Food Movement' could achieve by 2045 if these movements succeed in collaborating more closely than ever – to transform financial flows, governance structures and food systems from the ground up.

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