Nicolas Bricas

is an expert in the socio-economics of food systems and senior scientist at CIRAD, the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions. His main research topics are the effects of rapid urbanization, industrialization, and liberalization on food systems and food styles – that is, food consumption, practices and representations - in African and Asian countries.

With colleagues from the French agricultural research institute (INRA) he coordinated a comprehensive literature review and research synthesis on sustainable Food Systems (Dualine). Working with colleagues from the National Institute of Further Education in Agricultural Science of Montpellier (SupAgro), he developed and coordinated the Advanced Master's Program in “Innovation and Policies for Sustainable Food Systems”.

Since 2008, he has been an active member of the French inter-ministerial group on food security and nutrition (GISA) and participated in the Committee on Global Food Security (CFS). He is currently the Director of the UNESCO Chair on World Food Systems, at Montpellier SupAgro and CIRAD, where he leads research programs and training sessions on Sustainable Urban Food System, in France and abroad.